Hellenic Open University (HOU) was founded with Act 2083/1992 as an independent LPPL (Legal Person of Public Law) and self–governed Higher Education Institute (HEI), the only one that provides distance education in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels HOU comprises four Schools (School of Science & Technology, School of Humanities, School of Social Science and School of Applied Arts), employs 48 members of teaching staff, 202 members of administration staff and 1.970 collaborating external tutors, and educates more than 32.000 students (these figures make HOU the 3rd largest Greek HEI). HOU offers a range of different learning opportunities: Course Modules (more than 200 different are offered), Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study Programmes (currently 6/32 are offered), Doctoral Studies, and Short Training Programmes. The DAISSy research group was founded in 2001 by highly skilled and motivated researchers coming from various backgrounds. Its mission is to promote the wide societal adoption of the broader Ambient Intelligence vision by realizing responsible research and constantly pursuing innovation. The vision of the researchers of DAISSy group is to contribute to the realization of an advanced humane society by inventing technology that adapts and supports human needs and not the other way round! The DAISSy group has accumulated R&I expertise in Social Computing Systems, Peer Learning Platforms, ICT in Education, Serious Games, Personalized Learning, Digital Content Development, Quality Assurance, User Profiling, End User Tools, Skills Definition and Profiling for ICT related Jobs, Flexible Learning Pathways. Since its establishment, the DAISSy group has coordinated and participated in more than 30 national and European projects, in various frameworks (i.e. FP5, FP6, FP7, Lifelong Learning, Erasmus+, etc.), amassing a total funding of more than 7,5 MEuro. Today the group employs more than 15 persons, including University professors, PostDoc researchers, PhD and MSc holders, researchers in computer science, artificial intelligence and social sciences, experienced ICT engineers, programmers and administrative personnel.

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